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Security is becoming more of an issue with Business Owners and Homeowners. With the rising cost of metal, theives are making a living off of your investment. They may make a few dolllars, but it usually takes thousands to replace.

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Outdoor Equipment Cage

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Protect your Investment from Theives! Constructed from Steel and Bolted to concrete. Discouarages theives from attempting to take your outdoor equipment.

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AC Warning Watchdog Alarm System

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The Warning Watchdog™ is an alarm system that monitors up to four individual condensing units. When activated, the Warning Watchdog™ sounds an extremely loud siren and can also trigger an alarm, phone dialer or any other security device. Whether using the Warning Watchdog™ for retrofit or new installation, give yourself peace of mind by protecting their investment. The condensing unit security system that offers complete protection


Can be used with split systems and packaged units

Optional alarm if condensing unit is tampered with or tilted

Alarms if the disconnect is pulled

Alarms if wiring is cut

Extremely loud 118 dB siren/sounder

Alarm silence timer

Silence switch

Easy to wire

Can be tied to central alarm systems or other security devices

Pressure control to monitor refrigerant loss

Protect up to four condensing units with our multi-unit kits

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